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Babylon Search - How To Uninstall The Search Bar


Once your computer is infected with a virus it will start to change its performance. At first it is unnoticeable but further use of the internet or the computer itself will have some changes of the settings, display, icons, etc. The most common feature that all viruses have is the ability to slow down the performance of your computer. It takes up processes and slows down the response time even if you have not opened a single application. The deadly ones are those that attack the hardware systems but rarely happens today. The newest form of virus today is by posing like an agent from the cybercrime division, threatening the user to pay up a fine corresponding to the laws they have violated. Naturally users will comply because it is the law after all. In some cases they pose as a search engine like the Babylon search where it uses the data you inputted and returns a lot of ads corresponding to the keywords you provided.



The Babylon search is not deadly like some viruses that locks down your computer but it affects the performance of your internet explorer. The more you use this fake search engine, the more the internet response slows down. This virus is packed together with a software that you have downloaded from the internet. What is more is that it installs itself and does not give you the option to not install this software. If you do encounter and uninstall this search engine, it will only run back and install itself on all internet browsers you have. To prevent this virus from running again, you will have to remove it completely.




  • First step is to uninstall the program from the Control Panel. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program.
  •  Select all programs that are related to the Babylon search. You will also need to include Browser Protect and Yontoo.
  •  You will need to check all of your internet browsers and remove any add-ons or extensions related to Babylon. For Internet Explorer, you will need to click the gear icon then Manage Add-ons. For Firefox, click the menu from the upper left corner and choose add-ons. With Google Chrome go to the menu located at the upper right and click Extensions.
  •  For all the browsers you have, you need to change the default home page to either Bing, Google or leave it empty then click Use default. Do not leave one browser unchanged.
  • Download the software AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes and install it on your computer. You have the option to purchase the full version or you can just proceed with the scanning and they will remove the files associated with Babylon.

When you’re downloading third party software online, you should be extra careful to update the securities and protection programs in your programs to prevent Babylon search from infecting your computer again. Although there are no major problems that affect the hardware with the virus, it will annoy you because it affects the overall performance of your computer.

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